"Üçgen-2 HEPP project is located in the Central Black Sea, Ordu Province, on the border of Kabadüz, Turnasuyu, and the facility has been operating since July 2014.


After receiving all the necessary legal approvals, the project began construction work at the end of 2011. Following the completion of the factory acceptance tests of hydromechanical and electromechanical equipment, assembly works were completed under supervision of the Auditors.


"Üçgen-2 HEPP" hydromechanical equipments are Austrian Köessler GmbH, electricity and automation systems are Siemens Trade and Industry Inc. Turnkey construction works and assembly of turbines, generators and hydromechanics completed by Özışık Construction and Energy Inc.


"Üçgen-2 HEPP" project total installed capacity of 10,319 MWe, with a EÜ / 1517-7 / 1106 production license number issued by Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA). All legal admissions were completed in July 2014, the facility was commissioned and electricity production started.



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Project Description

Project: Üçgen-2 HEPP Project
Production Licenses Number: EÜ/1517-7/1106
Project Location: Ordu Province, Kabadüz District
DSİ Region: Samsun and Trabzon Regional Offices
River: Turnasuyu
Type of turbine: Vertical Axis Pelton
Rainfall Area (km²): 272.24
Project Flow(m3/s): 4.25
Installed Capacity: 10,319 MW




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